Welcome to Citizens for Citizens

People living in poverty often need assistance with emergency situations and help with their own efforts to improve the circumstances under which they live. Citizens for Citizens, Inc. (CFC) is the Community Action Agency serving the cities of Fall River and Taunton.Additionally,CFC also serves the surrounding towns of Berkley, Dighton, Freetown, Lakeville, Rehoboth, Seekonk, Somerset, Swansea, and Westport.

Citizens for Citizens, Inc. is an antipoverty social services agency, assisting over 42,000  households  each year by providing short-term services that support families during financial crisis situations through its Fuel Assistance, Food Pantry, and Rental Assistance programs. In addition, CFC provides long-range solutions through diverse programs that seek to empower low-income individuals and families with the ability to overcome the burdens of poverty by giving them the tools necessary to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency by offering programs such as Weatherization Assistance, Head Start,Early Head Start, After School Day Care, HEART WAP, Senior Aide, Foster Grandparent, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Family Planning, and Volunteer Income Tax Return Preparation.

In keeping with the standards established for nearly fifty years of service to the low-income community, the dedicated management and staff of Citizens for Citizens, Inc. are continuing to search for and develop innovative new programs to combat poverty and help families to lead healthier, happier, and more productive lives.


2015-2016 Fuel Assistance & Weatherization Income Guidelines

Wondering if you qualify for Fuel Assistance? If you do you may also apply for the Weatherization Program and the Home Heating Repair / Replacement Program. Please call the numbers listed below to apply for the Fuel Assistance Program and then you can apply for these energy saving programs.

Here’s a brief overview of the income guidelines for most typical families:

Household Size Maximum 4 Weeks Gross Income or Gross Yearly
1 $2,548/ $33,126 year
2 $3,332/ $43,319 year
3 $4,116/ $53,511 year
4 $4,900/ $63,704 year

For information on larger families, or for other Fuel Assistance related inquiries, please call our offices at (508) 676-7397 or (508) 676-7398

Philadelphia Insurance Companies Employees “Jean Day” Generates $10,770 Donation to CFC

Citizens for Citizens, Inc. was the recipient of $10,770 garnered from the “Jean Day” Program Philadelphia Insurance Companies Employees participated in.

The employees take part in a monthly “Jean Day” and donate one dollar per week, the employees are permitted to wear jeans to work each Friday. The money collected is donated to a different organization chosen by the employees each month. Citizens for Citizens was selected to receive the funds for May.

(l-r) Masaaki Morimoto, Michael Murray, Elizabeth Berube, Jason Rua, Sarah Souza, David Biltcliffe
(l-r) Masaaki Morimoto, Michael Murray, Elizabeth Berube, Jason Rua, Sarah Souza, David Biltcliffe

Jason Rua, President and CEO, of RDA Insurance Agency nominated CFC for the award. Mr. Rua said he was pleased that Citizens for Citizens was recognized for their tireless work on behalf of the Greater Fall River area low and moderate –income families.

CFC Executive Director, David Biltcliffe, thanked the Philadelphia Insurance Companies for their considerate donation and said “These funds will help CFC carry out its mission to advocate on behalf of low-income residents and address the causes and effects of poverty” Biltcliffe went on to say “CFC is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, serving clients and helping to overcome the causes of poverty; this timely gift will be beneficial in addressing this endeavor.”

Accepting the donation for CFC was Assistant Director, Liz Berube Liz was delighted to receive the contribution, from Masaaki Morimoto and Michael Murray from the local office of the Philadelphia Insurance Companies located in West Bridgewater, MA

Senator Elizabeth Warren Visits CFC

Wednesday August 19 Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren visited CFC to participate in a round table discussion and listen to CFC project directors and clients explain the hardships they face in light of proposed budget cuts.

Also in attendance were Fall River Mayor, Sam Sutter and State Representative, Carol Fiola. Senator Warren said I wish I had good news regarding the FY 16 Budget but the Republican controlled congress is proposing cuts to the very programs that CFC administers. If their budget is approved $600 billion would be slashed from discretionary funding the SNAP program, funding for the Fuel Assistance Program and the Head Start Program would all face huge cuts.

(l-r) CFC David Biltcliffe, Mayor Sam Sutter,Senator Warren, CFC Liz Berube and Carole Fiola
(l-r) CFC David Biltcliffe, Mayor Sam Sutter,Senator Warren, CFC Liz Berube and Carole Fiola

CFC Executive Director, David Biltcliffe, welcomed the Senator and thanked her for her presence at CFC and her continued fight against income inequality that affect low-income families.

CFC Executive Director, David Biltcliffe, welcoming Senator Warren with Fall River Mayor, Sam Sutter
CFC Executive Director, David Biltcliffe, welcoming Senator Warren with Fall River Mayor, Sam Sutter

Warren said “I’m here today so I can return to Washington and tell my Republican colleagues how these cuts affect the people you serve day in and day out”

Pam Wildnauer, Head Start Director spoke about the 445 children enrolled in the program and the waiting list of more children in need for their services but the lack of funds prevents CFC from serving them. She also addressed the unfunded mandates that require the teachers to have a bachelor’s degree and only earn $15.00 per hour.

Garth Patterson, Director of the Fuel Assistance Program, spoke about clients that heat with oil that exhausted their allocated funds in January and February leaving them with no heat during the remaining winter. The State of Massachusetts has provided supplemental funding for $20 million in the past but this year funding was not available and the extremely cold winter left many families scrambling to stay warm.

Senator Warren met with family members that receive fuel assistance and spoke about the possible funding cuts in the Republican led budget for next fiscal year. She stressed that her and her Democratic cohorts are doing what they can to avoid these cuts that will hurt families here in Fall River.

Liz Berube, CFC Assistant Director, asked Warren if there will be a government shutdown as the last one proved to be very difficult for the staff and the clients to deal with.  The Senator said she wished she had good news but only could deliver bad news regarding the budget. She stressed again that the Republican controlled congress is determined to slash funding for the programs CFC administers.