Senior Cyber Café Graduate Finds New Friends

Theresa Bernier a graduate of CFC’s Senior Cyber Café was featured in a story published in the Fall River Spirit September 20,2012 .Upon graduating from the Cyber Café class the 79-year-old Bernier purchased her first computer and discovered a Facebook page “Grew up in Fall River” that helped her establish new on-line friends.

In the story, Mrs. Bernier describes how her life has been transformed due to her skills she learned at the Cyber Café. The Senior Cyber Café teaches seniors (55 years and older) how to use a computer and surf the internet. Now in its tenth year of operation, more than 1,200 students have graduated.

Shellie Castro, Director of the program said, “Mrs. Bernier is a wonderful example of seniors overcoming fears they may have of using a computer while expanding their horizons through the internet.”

The Senior Cyber Café offers seniors a friendly atmosphere to learn basic computer use, including introduction to the Internet and email.

Please read the entire Fall River Spirit article here.