Employee Benefits – Citizens for Citizens, Inc.

Employee Benefits

The following summary of employee benefits is provided for informational purposes.

Additional information can be provided by the CFC’s Human Resources Office.

Citizens for Citizens, Inc. (CFC) offers affordable Health Insurance available to all eligible employees. There is a Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO Blue NE plan and a high deductible NE Saver plan. CFC contributes no more than seventy-five percent of the health insurance premium. The remaining twenty-five percent shall be paid by the employee through payroll deductions. Part-time employees entitled to participate in the Health Insurance plan pay on a pro-rated basis. The agency also offers a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) for those enrolled in the HMO Blue Plan.

Dental Insurance available to all eligible employees through Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Blue. The agency pays 50% of the dental insurance premium; the remaining 50% shall be paid by the employee through payroll deductions. Permanent part-time employees with a regularly scheduled workweek of twenty-five hours are eligible to participate. CFC premium contributions are subject to change.

Life Insurance/Accidental Death and Disability Insurance
CFC provides a life insurance and accidental death and disability plan to all eligible permanent full-time employees equal to one time their annual salary plus $10,000 up to the maximum amount set forth in the plan. The entire premium of the life insurance is paid by CFC based on the availability of funds and subject to limitations set forth on the policy, if any.

Flexible Benefits Plan
CFC offers employees the option to make any required contributions to the health and dental plans on a pre-tax basis under the provisions of IRS Code Section 125 also known as a Flexible Spending Account.

Tax Sheltered Annuity (Retirement) Plan
CFC offers a 403 (b) tax deferred annuity for all eligible employees wishing to participate. The Plan is offered through Principal Financial Group. Employees can contribute up to the annual amount allowable under IRS regulations. At present CFC provides a matching contribution of 5% of the employees’ annual wages if the employee contributes 2% of their annual wages to the plan.

Paid Days Off
Paid time off includes 11 holidays per year and 3 personal day. For permanent full time employees sick leave accrues at the rate of 1.5 days per month up to a maximum of 65 days (455) hours. Sick leave for part time employees regularly schedules to work 25 hours is prorated. CFC complies with the Massachusetts sick leave law for all eligible employees.

Permanent full-time employees receive five days of annual leave for every six months of continuous employment. Employees with less than two years of continuous service receive two weeks annual leave. Employees with more than two years and less than five years continuous service receive three weeks annual leave. Employees with more than five years of continuous service receive four weeks of annual leave. Employees with twenty years of continuous service receive five weeks annual leave. Permanent part-time employees whose regularly scheduled work week is twenty-five hours or more shall be granted prorated annual leave commensurate with the regular hours worked as compared to the standard thirty-five hour work week. In general, no more than 2 weeks annual leave may be carried over from one fiscal year to the next.

The most current benefits information is available through the Human Resources office. Please call (508) 679-0041.