Message – Citizens for Citizens, Inc.

A Message From Our Director

From Annual Report 2018-2019

Every day in Greater Fall River and Taunton, the
employees and volunteers of CFC deliver more
than promises to the members of our communities
by providing adaptive programs and
services that respond to their specific needs.
Because of their commitment and dedication,
the agency continues to experience continued
successes and achievements.

After a lengthy application process spanning
more than three years, the agency was awarded
a grant for $1 million for health and safety
improvements at the Aldrich School Head Start
site. Congratulations to Pam Wildnauer and her staff for all of their
hard work and perseverance in this endeavor. In addition, we have
received preliminary approval of additional funding from ACF/Head
Start for a new HVAC system. In the last week, the Department of
Housing and Community Development conducted a required triennial
assessment. Due to the efforts of our central administrative
staff in reviewing and updating our agency wide plans and policies,
we anticipate a positive report and will share the results upon receipt.

Looking to the future, we are invigorated by our past year’s achievements
and will work hard to enjoy many more years of success. The
independent auditors once again reported to the Board of Directors
that the agency is in an excellent financial position and provided a
positive, unqualified opinion. Although we have experienced some
transitions in staff and expected hardships in regards to funding, we
have persevered to overcome these obstacles and have continued to
keep our programs operating smoothly.

None of this is possible without the continuing support of the members
of the Board of Directors who volunteer their time, their input
and importantly their trust and confidence. I also want to express
my continuing appreciation and gratitude to our employees and the
hundreds of community members who volunteer their time and
talent throughout the community in service to others. I am grateful
for having the opportunity to work with you all during this year and
all previous years.

Thank you.

David Biltcliffe
Executive Director