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Message from the Executive Director

Message from the Executive Director

This past year was another remarkable year for our agency and once again I find it difficult to express the appreciation I have for the support of the Board of Directors and the efforts of the dedicated staff throughout the central administration and all of the programs.

In addition to the achievements contained in this report, there are daily success stories resulting from the efforts of the staff to assist the individuals and families in moving towards economic self sufficiency. There is not a day that goes by that someone’s life is touched in a positive way.

I am pleased to once again report that the agency continues to be in an excellent financial position and the outlook for the coming year is positive.

Over the years, slogans and tag lines have been created to express the sentiment that is prevalent throughout the agency. One appears on our signage, ‘We deliver more than promises”. In my experience, these few words could not be a more fitting description of everyday life at the agency at all levels.

Another less publicized slogan that stems from the varied challenges we face each day in terms of resources, it is “We make it work”. This expression describes the creativity that so often is required to carry out our mission despite the obstacles that are often presented.

As we continue forward, I have no doubt that the agency will continue to ‘make it work’ and ‘deliver more than promises’.

David A. Biltcliffe
Executive Director