Message – Citizens for Citizens, Inc.

A Message From Our Director

From Annual Report 2019 – 2020

As I took over the role as Executive Director on March 9th, the COVID-19 pandemic was just becoming a reality and never would I have imagined what the next three months would bring. It has been everything except business as usual. From day one of the crisis, CFC has remained open for business, adopting new methods and protocols to get essential services to our clients and to the people who now found themselves needing our programs during this difficult time. We had to act immediately and revamp how to provide services while restricting access to our buildings. We continued to operate several essential programs on-site while most of our staff worked remotely from home. Despite this new challenge, we adapted quickly. The number one reason how we got it done is plain and simple: the dedicated staff at Citizens for Citizens, Inc. I am extremely proud of our CFC employees and how they continue to work hard on behalf of those affected by COVID-19. Each day brought on new challenges and everyone stepped up to make it work. We certainly do deliver more than promises!

Looking towards the future, it is clear that the way we operate will be much different. Rest assured that we will get the resources to those who need them by adjusting to the current situation and making changes as we move forward. This is a whole new world in which we do business. We are known for client interaction and at this point, it is minimal. We will move slowly to get the public back into our organization, however, we must do this at a slow, extremely cautious pace, considering the safety of our staff, volunteers, and clients before making any decisions.

I would like to thank the Board of Directors for their support and trust in me to lead this agency and I look forward to working together this upcoming year. I would like to thank our community partners as well as individual donors for their continued support through their many donations. I would like to thank our CFC staff who have been the consummate team players and unhesitatingly stepped up during these difficult times of such uncertainty and confusion.

I truly appreciate all of you. There is so much truth in the quote, β€œIt takes a village.”

Stay well and thank you.

Elizabeth Berube
Executive Director