VITA Document Check List

Please review the following list of documents carefully. Documents marked with a * are required for all returns. You must provide the documents needed for your specific situation so that we can prepare your return quickly and accurately. We cannot accept returns for processing before all documents needed for your return are provided.

Required Forms of Identification

  • Copy of Photo ID for Taxpayer (and spouse) *
  • Copy of Social Security Cards, Social Security Statement, or ITIN for everyone on the return. *
  • Identity protection PIN if victim of identity theft.
  • Form 8332 if claiming dependent who is not living with you

Income Documents

  • Wage Information (W2)
  • Unemployment Form (1099 G)
  • Social Security Statement (1099)
  • Pension/Retirement Statements (1099R)
  • Interest Income/Dividend Statements (1099-INT, 1099 Div, 1099 B)
  • Alimony Information
  • Self-Employment Income & Expenses -- summarized by category
  • Gambling winnings / Cancellation of Debt

Health Insurance

  • Form 1099 HC (Massachusetts form issued by insurance carrier)
  • Form 1095A, 1095 B, and/or 1095 C (Federal healthcare forms issued by MassHealth or insurance carrier)

Senior Circuit Breaker

  • If Renting: Rent Amount / Landlord Name & Address
  • if Homeowner: Property Taxes Paid / Water & Sewer Paid

Direct Deposit Information

  • Copy of voided check or routing/account number


  • Rent amount per month
  • Student Loan Interest (1098E)
  • College Expenses (1098T)
  • Child Care Expenses (Include providers Federal Tax ID, name & address)
  • Cash Charitable Deductions made by cash, check, credit card


  • Last years tax return