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On 10/30/18, Citizens for Citizens hosted the statewide annual kick-off event for the start of the energy assistance season. With the help of MASSCAP and surrounding community action agencies, CFC was able to host local and state politicians, such as Rep. Carole Fiola, Sen. Michael Rodrigues, and Congressman William Keating, along with other distinguished guests in the field as they brought awareness to our energy programs. Other guests, such as energy directors Peter Wingate and Darlene Gallant, helped dispel the myth that fuel assistance and other energy programs like weatherization are not welfare programs. Fuel assistance and weatherization are programs designed to help average people, whether they have a job, are disabled, retired, or have other significant life circumstances. If you or someone you know could use an extra helping hand this winter season, please contact us and apply at our fuel intake office! To learn more about our programs and our kick-off event, please find the document links below, visit our energy page on our website, and talk to a fuel intake agent!

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