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Citizens for Citizens, Inc. Relocates Fall River Food Pantry

New location will provide increased food capacity for the agency and other local pantries

FALL RIVER – On Wednesday Feb 23rd, Citizens for Citizens, Inc. (CFC) will be officially running their Fall River food pantry, previously housed at Griffin Street, at a new location located at 822 Eastern Ave in the city. The new location previously housed Potter’s Printing, which has since moved to the Herald News building. The agency has signed a 3-year lease agreement with the previous owners of the building. This new building will provide the agency the ability to receive, store, and distribute greater quantities of food to the local community to meet current need. 

The COVID-19 pandemic created an increased demand for food, with CFC’s pantry serving almost 7,000 individuals during the course of 2021. In order to keep up with the growing demand during the pandemic, rows of food had completely taken over what used to be CFC’s waiting room. With limited space and limited refrigeration, the agency had to turn away some large donations of fresh and frozen foods because they were unable to store it or distribute it before it expired. The increased square footage provided by the new building will allow CFC to not only receive more food from community partners and businesses, but will also provide future opportunities to help other local pantries with storage constraints.

This building was made possible by the support of local legislators and the use of State Line Item and CARES Act funding that was provided to Community Action Agencies like CFC to address the acute and evolving effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on low and moderate income people across the Commonwealth.

Please follow this link to visit the Food Pantry page for more information.