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Head Start Parent Publishes Children’s Book Inspired By Her Son

An inspiring story from our Head Start program!

Our Ocean Grove school hosted a story reading with a local author who wrote a children’s picture book entitled “The Little Blue Train That Never Leaves My Side.” But not only was this book by a local author…it was written by our very own Head Start parent Kelly Rosario about her currently enrolled son Ashton! In her very first book, Rosario details an experience that many parents/guardians can readily relate to: a child becoming attached to their favorite toy! Kelly is a full time mom to Ashton and her older son Dominic (the feature of her next book) and a part time CNA and photographer. Not looking to become rich or famous, Kelly wrote the book to accomplish a personal goal, create a legacy for her kids and her future grandchildren, and inspire her children and others to follow their passions and dreams. Before the book reading, Rosario encouraged the children to think about the things in their own lives that they care about and follow those things that they love and cherish. She stressed that anyone can write a book and become an author. Teachers at the school are helping the kids write their own book currently!

The book has received great reviews, selling copies throughout the area. Kelly is continuing work on the next book and visiting local elementary schools and libraries for readings and signings.

We wish Kelly nothing but success in her endeavors as an author! Congrats!

The book can be purchased on popular websites like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or the publisher’s website here: https://www.bookventure.com/bookstore/title/407/the-little-blue-train.html