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MA Community Action Agencies Continue Fight For Fuel Assistance Funds

With the release of 2019 Federal Fuel Assistance budgets, Massachusetts got hit monetarily harder than any other state with a loss of 11 million dollars. In continuing the fight to advocate for the low-income citizens of MA, community action agencies in the state, including CFC, have worked with local politicians to petition Gov. Baker to supply an additional $30M in state funds to cover loses incurred in the federal allocations. MASSCAP, the parent agency for MA community action agencies, has met with multiple news outlets and held a press conference to educate the general public and spread the word. Though the fight is still ongoing, Citizens for Citizens and other community action agencies across the state encourage those who need assistance to apply. There is still money, and we are more than willing to help those in need this winter.

Here is a quick video of some of the speakers from the LIHEAP press conference:


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